Stop 9 - Reforestation
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Curved bridge
Curved bridge.

Reforested area 1
View of reforested area.

Reforested area 2
Another view of reforested area.

Small fence along trail
Small fence along the trail.

Don Gray Overlook
The Don Gray Overlook is halfway between stop 9 and 10. It is on the right side near the end of Bridge 5 and looks down to the creek.

Stop 9 vicinity

Stop 9 vicinity and directions to the next stop.

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Things to see at this stop:

  • The reforested area is between the end of Bridge 4 and start of Bridge 5.
  • There are young magnolia trees on both sides of the trail.
  • A southern wax myrtle shrub is along the trail.

This area was profoundly disturbed during the creek restoration of 2007. The area to the north, all the way to the church parking lot was entryway for trucks and machinery; and the slope to the southwest was completely filled in and reconstructed. Afterward, Flood Control reforested the damaged land with plants native to the Houston area but not necessarily to our sanctuary. The upland, previously largely oak and yaupon, was replanted with a great many elms, magnolias and pines; the slope with sycamore, cypress, magnolias, and river birch. Some are cultivars – native plants "improved" for use in home landscaping. Seedlings of red cedar everywhere sprang independently from the imported soil. It is an altogether thriving woodland.

The large evergreen shrub at the edge of the trail is southern wax myrtle. The aromatic leaves are used in crab and shrimp boil and the waxy blue berries formerly were boiled to make candles. One of our common winter resident birds, the yellow rumped warbler, was previously known as the myrtle warbler because of its having the almost unique ability to digest the waxy myrtle berries.

Directions to the next stop:

  • Continue across bridge 5.
  • The entrance to the Don Gray Overlook is near the end of Bridge 5.
  • Walk 40 paces to Bridge 6.
  • The next stop is near the end of Bridge 6.

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