Trail Guide for the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary in west Houston, Texas


This guide is free to use and is designed to be used on a smartphone or other mobile device while outdoors in the field walking the trails.

You can bookmark the home page on your mobile device. Then you can easily start it when you are ready to follow the trails.

Take the full self-guided tour from stop 1 to stop 18 or walk in any order you want. Use the maps to see where the stops are located, and customize your route depending on your interest, what you want to see, or the amount of time you have.

See the Maps page for views of the sanctuary with markers showing the position of all the stops.

You will notice that on the east bank of Rummel Creek, all the Bridges are numbered from double zero to 12, and all the Boardwalks are lettered from A to I. The main reason for this is that if there is an accident or an incident, or need for clean-up, you can accurately report its location relative to the nearest known point.

More information about the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary is on the Houston Audubon website.

Walking distance is measured in "paces" which equate to approximately 30 inches or 75 centimeters. A pace is another word for "stride" which is common on hiking trail guides. Paces are a convenient measure for hiking on winding trails, where it can be difficult to see the number of feet or yards. You may need to adjust the count if your stride is longer or shorter than average.